Shop Fitomir offers a unique product, pollen (flower pollen) TM Medoc. This product is a great alternative vitamins mass market, not only in quality but also in price. To date, pollen will cost you much cheaper than the packaging of vitamins. Plus, this product is “alive” because no recyclable and special technology for collecting and packaging, guaranteeing high biological activity pollen TM Medoc. Another plus, consisting of pollen vitamins and minerals much more than a popular multivitamin complexes.
Bee pollen has antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties shown to all who have problems with immunity during recovery from serious diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular system, the athletes during intense training.

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Spring, the first green leaves! I want to be beautiful, fresh and tender …
For you, our most gentle, spring, lovely TM EkoLux created a natural deodorant “Tenderness”. Natural deodorant “Tenderness” will carefully and safely protect you from the smell of sweat, will give you freshness for the whole day! And no “sticky” sensations! “The first notes of deodorant “Tenderness”– cinnamon, but literally, in 10-15 minutes, the aroma is barely catching, and you will only wear one fragrance – this is the fragrance of your perfume. Natural deodorant “Tenderness” is recommended For very delicate and sensitive skin!
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