We have made new shampoos Ekolux ZeroWaste – Seasons for you. The shampoos are based on precious clays – white, blue, green and red. The line includes 4 types of shampoos, like the seasons. Namely
Winter flame, with white clay – for brittle and weak hair
Blooming spring, with blue clay – against hair loss
Summer LOVE, with green clay – against dandruff
Autumn manna, with red clay – for oily hair.
Shampoos of the “Seasons” line are poured into glass bottles and participate in the “return the container” program – using the ZeroWaste technology. This is the second line in glass packaging, the first were toothpastes. We are very proud that with our help the planet is becoming a little cleaner.
Shampoos of the “Seasons” line have two types of caps – a pump or an aluminum cap.
The pump is reusable.
The bottle and cap can be easily recycled, and we can give the bottle a second life in the bottle back program.


Save hand skin from antiseptic

How and how to care for dry and problematic skin?
Realities of our hands
We constantly wash our hands, use antiseptics, including alcohol, we wear rubber gloves ….
The skin of our hands suffers and suffers greatly, especially if initially it was problematic, now it is the most vulnerable. Dryness, cracks, peeling …. words already included in our everyday life. Yes, before there were much less such problems, but the load on the skin of our hands was habitually normal.
But this problem can and should be solved, because dried skin is the most vulnerable ….
Cream-balm “Lega” based on beeswax and oils – walnut, olive, coconut, wheat germ, gently and effectively moisturize your skin, relieve irritation, promote skin regeneration, nourish the cuticle and nail plate. It has a light whitening effect due to the presence of lemon in the composition of essential oil.
Just put a jar of Leg cream on the bedside table, and do not forget to apply cream on slightly damp skin. In the morning, you will feel the difference.
Cream-balm “Lega” will replace you with a tool for the cuticle, for the nail plate, and will become your favorite tool for the skin of the hands.
We sincerely wish you to remain always beautiful and healthy, regardless of the circumstances !!!!


Novomegin. Answers and questions

Novomegin is an indispensable product in modern realities, it contains omega 3 and omega 6, which are so necessary for us, a lot of questions come up on the composition of the product, how to properly take, what is its charm. The most important thing you should know is that no flaxseed oil in your diet can replace a full meal, even omega 3. Let’s get it right

1. The components of the complex – vegetable and animal origin – linseed oil and fish oil, it is important !!!!!! It is important than that, omega 3 and omega 6 are the building material for cell membranes, and it is when the building material of two types of origin, it most effectively integrates into the body, and most effectively regulates the tone of blood vessels of the circulatory system, lowers cholesterol.

2. It is incredibly important that Vitome E is part of the Novomegin complex. This neighborhood is important because vitamin E prevents omega 3 and omega 6 from oxidizing, which favorably affects the preservation of all the beneficial properties and activity of the complex components. also the combination of PUFA and Vitamin E has a positive effect on blood coagulation and thrombosis, blood pressure.

3. Dihydroquercetin, which is part of the Novomegin complex, is in liposome form. The technology of liposomes enables the simultaneous delivery into the body of substances having different ways of penetration and absorption, but at the same time a common point of application. For example, omega 3 and vitamin E are fat-soluble components, and dihydroquercetin is water-soluble. However, thanks to this technology, they all appear in one place, at one time and have the possibility of synchronous action, which provides triple protection of the heart and blood vessels.

4. Selenium, which is part of the complex, in the form of selexen, is able to accumulate in the body and, if necessary, be released, stress, colds, physical activity.

A very simple intake is 1 capsule, in the morning during a meal. The course of admission is from 1 month. Pack of 60 capsules.

European medicine, after 40 years recommends taking omega 3 and omega 6 on an ongoing basis, 3 months admission, a month break and again admission. I agree with them, that’s why the incidence of cardiovascular diseases comes first, and taking Novomegin is adequate and preventing vascular elasticity plus protecting the heart muscle.

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