Bath with sea salt as a way to combat cellulite home

Very many are interested in the question of how at home to fight cellulite. There are some simple and effective ways. The first – it’s Bathing sea salt. Sea salt effectively removes from the body toxins, strengthens blood circulation. Bath with sea salt contributes to the breakdown of fat, get rid of toxins, effectively relieves swelling. But because of the toxins and excess tissue fluid are sealed, and as a result we have the extra inches in the waist and hips. Thanks baths with sea salt – toxins and excess water is removed from the body, and along with them we leave the extra inches.

After a bath with sea salt pulls the skin and becomes elastic, another obvious advantage of using sea salt bath.
So, if you decide to resort to combat cellulite to this method, here are some tips to make the procedure of taking a bath with sea salt more effective for the body.
1. to take a bath with sea salt, to fight cellulite you need a course. you must make ten procedures a day. The duration of procedure is 10-15 minutes.
2. for the greatest effect in the fight against cellulite – water in the bathroom should not be hot, the maximum water temperature is 38 * C should be at the beginning of the procedure.
3. To add a sea salt bath as recommended by the manufacturer of anti-cellulite, that is, carefully read what is written on the package that you hold in your hands.
4. for better results, add the sea salt bath with a few drops of essential oil of geranium or lemon, or juniper. These oils help to eliminate toxins through the pores and have anti-cellulite effect.
5. at the time of anti-cellulite (Bath with sea salt) procedures are lying in the bath up to his chest.
When you start a course taking a bath with sea salt – drink plenty of water, the water will become your good help in the withdrawal of toxins and excess water from the body!

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