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  • AD-balance Artlife

    AD-balance is an innovative biocomplex, which is able to instantly bring blood pressure to normal, improve the elasticity of blood vessels, keeping them in good shape.
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  • Angiofort

    Angiofort - a complex designed for the treatment and prevention of vascular pathologies. Provides 43-314% of the daily intake of active substances. Previously, the drug Venatol was successfully used for these purposes, but a new Angiofort comes to replace Venatol with an improved composition and a significantly more pronounced effect.
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  • Artemizin-S

    Artemizin-S is a safe plant complex based on wormwood for the treatment and prevention of adults and children from helminths and protozoal infections.
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  • Ateroleks

    Complex Ateroleks improves the performance and functional state of the cardiovascular system, lowers blood cholesterol levels, reduces blood viscosity, improve microcirculation. It can be taken in the complex treatment of atherosclerosis of the arteries, as well as healthy people for prevention of atherosclerotic vascular changes and age. Complex Ateroleks - prevention of atherosclerosis, heart failure, hypertension, chronic fatigue syndrome.
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  • Atheosterol

    Atherosterol is an effective complex on a natural basis that removes excess “harmful” cholesterol.
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  • B P Formula

    Diseases of the cardiovascular system occupy a leading place in the list of diseases Ministry of Health. The latest development "BP Formula" - is Biocomplex that helps protect the cardiovascular system from the harmful effects of external factors, prevent the development of a wide range of pathologies and premature exhaustion. The use of "BP Formula" improve and stabilize the operation of the heart muscle
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  • Burdok-S

    Burdok-S - phytocomplex on a natural basis, correcting any disorders associated with metabolism.
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  • Calcimax

    Calcimax is a complex of calcium, other trace elements and vitamins. It is recommended for children, pregnant women and all people to eliminate calcium deficiency in the body. The main composition of the mineral biocomplex Calcimax is calcium in the best form for complete absorption (calcium hydroxyapatite)
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  • Candies Art Life “Kaltsimilk” with calcium, magnesium

    Candy Kaltsimilk - a unique taste candies with lemon and apple, which are not a cure, but due to the presence in their composition of calcium, magnesium. In the period of active growth of the child it is very important that the child attended dietary macronutrients needed in a bioavailable form that is easily absorbed by the body to.
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