Bishofit Mg++

Bishofit Mg++

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  • Bishofit warming massage balm. Revm – effect

    Magnesium-silicon nutrition and protection of the skin and connective tissue. Revm - effect !!!!!! Balsam warming is widely used by physiotherapists, massage therapists and sports physicians in rehabilitation after injuries, sprains, bruises, gusts ligaments, back pain, joint and muscle
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  • Concentrate with crystalline bischofite

    Unique Bischofite in its composition with a high salt content and magnesium bromide. It is used in spa treatment and physiotherapy in the CIS. It has anti-inflammatory, regenerative, sedative, antispasmodic, analgesic, regulating metabolism effects. Tones, nourishes the skin with minerals, strengthens nails. Incredibly effective in problems with the musculoskeletal appliances. It is used for the preparation of the common baths, baths, solutions for compresses, massage. It enhances the effect of hydro-massage, bubble baths.
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  • Coniferous extract Bischofite

    Coniferous extract Bischofite - a well-known natural extract for the preparation of medicinal baths. Widely used in balneology sanatorium treatment on the whole territory of Ukraine. Now in consumer packaging for home use! The organic combination of brine Poltava bischofite, a natural extract of needles of juniper, fir and pine beneficial effect on the entire human body.
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  • Poltava bischofite gel

    Poltava bischofite gel - 40% aqueous concentrate Natural macro- and microelements (Mg, K, I, Br, Fe, Si, Se, Zn). Mined underground by dissolving the salt formation of the primitive seas at a depth of 2.5 km. It takes a special treatment to ensure maximum effectiveness. It nourishes minerals the skin and subcutaneous tissue.
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