Ekolux Natural Toothpaste – Safe and Useful

Ekoljuks natural toothpaste: not scary and swallow
Even if you have your own view on the cultures of the East, you are unlikely to reject one of the principles of Ayurveda. And he says that only what you can eat without harming yourself should be applied to the body. This principle becomes even more important when it comes to toothpastes. After all, a small amount of pasta inevitably gets into the body, especially in children.
Natural toothpastes with a safe composition have become the business card of the EcoLux company. In fact, most of the components of pastes TM ECOLUX – food. And all the ingredients are natural substances. The restriction in their use can only be individual intolerance to any active ingredient.
But what if you read the composition on a tube of Ecolyuks natural toothpaste, but this does not mean anything to you? Let’s see what substances are behind the names of the components.
Glycerol. Syrup-like liquid with a sweet taste. Included in the composition of fats, including in the human body. Formed by splitting fats, therefore, is present in natural soap. Mixed with water in any ratio. Holds moisture, thereby protecting the natural toothpaste from drying out. Used in cosmetology and medicine.
Aerosil. It can be said that purified and processed fine sand is silica. In medicine, used as an adsorbent. It can be taken orally for food poisoning and intestinal infections. And it can be applied on purulent wounds, because it absorbs substances of protein nature well. In natural toothpaste, it plays the role of not only the adsorbent, but also a soft abrasive. With its particles of a rounded shape, aerosil carefully removes plaque without scratching the tooth enamel.
Kaolin (white clay). Natural mineral, which is also used in medicine to cleanse the body and as a source of trace elements, including calcium. In natural toothpaste, it acts as an abrasive for removing tartar and teeth whitening. Strengthens periodontal tissue. Reduces the likelihood of caries due to the mineralization of dental tissue.
Apple pectin. The source of this substance is clear from the name. Removes toxins from the body, improves the functioning of the digestive organs. In the food industry – the basis for jelly, marshmallow, marmalade and other delicacies. Pectin powder in natural toothpaste acts as a very soft abrasive and at the same time an adsorbent that prevents the growth of bacteria.
Silicon Hydroxide (Hydrated Silica). Another adsorbent and soft abrasive (softer than chalk), which is obtained from silica. Applied in medicine similar to aerosol. Polishes the surface of the teeth. Binds salts dissolved in water.
Xanthan (xanthan gum). Frequent component of mayonnaise and sauces, thickener, obtained by fermentation of vegetable raw materials. The structure resembles cellulose (cellulose). It gives natural toothpaste the desired consistency.
Xylitol. Sugar substitute, which is obtained from plant materials. It is used in dietary foods and in products for diabetics. Natural toothpaste gives a pleasant sweet taste, but does not create a nutrient medium for microorganisms.
And, of course, each of the 4 types of ECOLUX toothpaste is given special properties by active ingredients:
calendula flower extract, effective for caries
Oak leaf extract, effective for gums, periodontitis
green walnut oil, effective in diseases of the mucous membranes, periodontal disease, stomatitis, etc.
Meadow grass extract (thyme, mint, rose petals, wood, motherboard) is perfect for all families, including the smallest
So, the components of the toothpaste from Ecolux are selected so that the process of cleaning the teeth brings only benefits and does not carry health risks. We can safely say that TM ECOLUX toothpastes are completely natural and safe.

You can buy Natural Toothpaste TM EkoLux here.