Liver – the queen of immunity?

To answer this question, let’s look at a few facts.
Liver – the main blood purifier, and a major supplier of antibodies. Antibodies arms of the immune system against infections and viruses.
All the products that we eat are digested in the stomach, are absorbed in the intestine, and then in the form of amino acids to the liver. The liver of all the wealth of this form proteins – the building and is a very important, if not vital material for all body systems.
When the virus enters the body, for example through the mucous membranes of the respiratory system, the body begins active production of antibodies that bind to and inactivate the virus. That is, on the face of a direct relationship, the healthier your liver, the more it will produce antibodies, the less your risk!
Therefore, to successfully combat viruses, such as influenza, it is necessary to clean the liver, thereby activating its work.
How to help the liver?
First and foremost, to establish a proper diet. Virtually every one of our publications, we call on the power to establish. It really is a very important factor in your health. After all, the main platform of your health is a way of life (60%). A healthy lifestyle – this is proper nutrition. So, what is important to eat
– Liver vital vitamin A, the most rich in this vitamin are foods – carrots, pumpkin and beetroot. Very useful fresh juices, salads, vinaigrettes flavored vegetable oils, baked pumpkin. And importantly, that these vegetables are very rich in fiber, which is very positive for the functioning of the intestines. And as you remember the intestine, it synthesizes the amino acids, which are then fed to the liver. Very good for the liver broth hips. If you for some reason are not able to or can not be included in your daily diet, these products, you will need to pick up phytopreparation or herbal tea, to activate the work of the liver and its treatment.
Also, it is very important to monitor the intestinal microflora.
Your diet should optimally reduce putrefaction in the intestines. It is desirable to base your diet consisted of porridge, vegetables, wholemeal bread, lactic acid products. And fat (only fresh), is a great stimulator of the immune system.
And a lot of it is important for liver health, have healthy nerves! And be quiet! In times of stress the adrenal glands produce stress hormones that very reduced activity of the immune system.
after all the above is seen that the functioning of the immune system depends on the condition of the liver. And it’s not a myth, it is a reality.

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