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  • Anti-cellulite body oil Ekolux

    Oil massage on the basis of green walnut oil "Anti-cellulite" has the following effect - - Body Oil "Anti-cellulite" fat breaks - It has antioxidant, resolving, toning action is effective in the prevention and special massage for cellulite - Body Oil "Anti-cellulite" improves skin texture
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  • Balm modeling Lac Sante

    Balm modeling Lac Sante thanks to liquid consistency penetrates deep into the subcutaneous fat, effectively destroys resistant fat deposits, significantly reduces the effect of "orange peel". Spin healing mud of Saki Lake contributes to the rapid breakdown of fat and strengthens blood vessels. ivy extract and red pepper, a part of the modeling Balsam Lac Sante, stimulates microcirculation and skin respiration, accelerate the excretion of excess fluid and toxins from the body.
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  • Toning Lotion Lac Sante

    Rich mineral complex Lotion tonic Lac Sante (sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, iodine ions, bromine, a wide range of trace elements) increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin, increases muscle tone, promotes excretion of toxins, toxins, excess fluid, strengthens the nail plate and restoring the epithelium.
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  • Wonder Bank

    "Wonder bank" - a medical massage for the body. Designed for vacuum massage, due to which there is a rush of blood and lymph to the skin, improves its nutrition, the skin becomes supple and elastic. Under the influence of massage "Wonder banks" improves peripheral blood circulation, lifmy, interstitial fluid, eliminates stagnant phenomenon, increases blood flow and metabolism in the body area massaged.
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