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  • Avicenna Shampoo with extract of oak leaf

    Shampoo "Avicenna" with extract of oak sheet will reliably protect you and your loved ones from hair loss, stimulate hair growth, enhance the breathing of tissues and improve the metabolic processes of the scalp, provide hair follicles with the necessary substances, and adjust the hair condition along the entire length. Shampoo Avicenna with an extract of oak leaves. This is the first shampoo without synthetic surfactants, which was produced in Ukraine. At one time, he made a splash and was sold "boxes". Then he had no competitors. Today, with abundance in the market of natural and organic products, shampoos "Avicenna"
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  • Avicenna Shampoo with Oat Extract

    Thick and beautiful hair - it's easy! It is enough to take advantage of the new shampoo "Avicenna" TM with an extract of oat grass in the stage of lactic ripeness. A unique natural shampoo formula with oat extract gently cleanse the hair, feeding them and giving them energy and radiance. Avicenna Shampoo with oat grass extract effectively restores growth and hair structure after serious illness, chemo and radiotherapy.
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  • Conditioning shampoo with oats Yaka

    Conditioning shampoo with oats Yaka is designed to increase the volume of fine hair. As part of the oats optimized ratio of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Enough high presence of B vitamins fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants in oats oil have a positive effect on the hair, moisturizing it and giving it shine. Also Conditioning shampoo with oats Yaka improves the elasticity of the hair.
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  • Fitoritsid shampoo for all hair types

    Shampoo "Fitoritsid" is phytoactivity Balsam shampoo, conditioner in one bottle. Shampoo "Fitoritsid" has a bright aroma of oak, combined with light notes of essential oils; pleasant consistency, perfectly cleans and treats the hair and scalp. Shampoo "Fitoritsid" nice-to-use product that has not contain chemicals and synthetic components.
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  • Natural solid shampoo Lac Sante against hair loss with Saki mud

    Natural solid shampoo against hair loss with Saki mud Lac Sante gently cleanses the scalp, strengthens the hair, improves hair growth is effective for the prevention of hair loss and baldness. The extract of red pepper, is part of the natural solid shampoo against hair loss with Saki mud Lac Sante improves blood circulation of the scalp, oak bark extract strengthens the hair follicles. Saki mud nourishes the micro and macro elements, thereby making the bulb stronger, prevents hair breakage.
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  • Shampoo Avicenna celandine extract

    Shampoo "Avicenna" celandine extract helps restore splendor and beauty of your hair, prevent the occurrence of such unpleasant cosmetic defects like dandruff, itching, fragility. It will help your hair look dazzling, be brilliant, attractive and, most importantly, healthy.
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  • Shampoo cleansing for oily hair Green Visa

    Shampoo cleansing for oily hair Green Visa delicately cleanses and nourishes the hair and skin of the head, provides the vitality of hair. Normalizes fat balance, improves blood circulation of hair roots. Gives hair softness and silky. Designed for daily use. Shampoo without lauryl sulfate! Shampoo cleansing for greasy hair Green Visa can be used for deep cleansing of scalp and hair with the use of funds on a silicone base. Action of Shampoo cleansing for oily hair Green Visa:
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  • Shampoo Ekolux Summer LOVE with green clay

    Natural shampoo Summer LOVE, was the second product in this line, due to the presence of green clay, essential oils of lemon, tea tree, chamomile, it is recommended for use with dandruff, and for hair prone to greasy. Shampoo Summer LOVE heals the hair and scalp with dandruff, prevents the formation of dandruff, strengthens the hair, cleanses the scalp, normalizes the lipid balance of the skin.
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  • Shampoo restoring for normal and dry hair Green Visa

    Shampoo restoring for normal and dry hair Green Visa carefully cleanses and promotes the restoration of damaged hair, improving the structure of the hair, reduces their fragility and gives a natural shine. Protects from the effects of the environment. Designed for daily use. Act: improves hair structure; reduces their fragility; gives a natural shine;
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