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  • Candies Art Life “Hibiscus” cherry-flavored sugar-free

    Candies Art Life "Hibiscus" with cherry taste possess antioxidant activity, are prophylactic for diseases of the cardiovascular system. Raises the immune status of the body, increase the body's resistance to adverse environmental factors.
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  • Chamomile essential oil blue

    Essential oil of chamomile blue is obtained by steam distillation of the flowers of the plant. Essential oil of chamomile blue flavor of relaxation, with a light, incredibly pleasant aroma. Chamomile essential oil blue anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antipyretic, analgesic effect.
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  • Essential oil of anise

    Essential oil of anise is obtained by steam distillation from the fresh seeds of the plant. Essential oil of anise aromatic adaptogen, has a pleasant, light aroma. Essential oil of anise has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, expectorant, sedative effect. Essential oil of anise is effective for respiratory diseases, chronic cough, bronchitis, painful menstruation, stomach cramps, intestinal, flatulence, colic, tachycardia.
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  • Essential oil of juniper

    Essential oil of juniper is obtained by steam distillation from the wood of the plant. Essential oil of juniper invigorating aroma, flavor a good mood. Aphrodisiac. A nice light scent of juniper will be useful both for flavoring premises, and for therapeutic purposes, this oil is one of the most versatile and widely used in various fields of application - medicine, aromatherapy in everyday life.
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  • Essential oil of laurel

    Essential oil of laurel is obtained by steam distillation of the dried leaves and twigs. Essential oil of laurel aromatic adaptogen. Oil of laurel possess antimicrobial, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, analgesic, anti-edematous effect.
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  • Herbal Tea “laxative”

    Herbal Tea "Laxative" helps to normalize bowel malfunction, has a mild laxative effect. Herbal Tea "Laxative" has choleretic, anti-inflammatory, calming effect. Effectively removes waste products and toxins from the body, increases motor activity of the intestine without breaking the absorbability of nutrients
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  • Herbal tea Phyto-Pankreofit Natur

    Herbal tea Phyto-Pankreofit Natur cottonweed shown with persons suffering from pathological manifestations of disorders of the pancreas. Phyto-Pankreofit Natur with cudweed has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, improves digestive function of the pancreas and gallbladder.
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  • Lac Sante cleansing mask for the face

    Purifying Face Mask for sensitive skin Lac Sante based on kaolin, extracts of aloe and calendula, wheat germ oil. Mask gently cleanses and cares for your skin. Kaolin - cleanses and tightens pores, tones the skin, extracts of aloe and calendula relieve inflammation, wheat germ oil improves skin elasticity and firmness. Silicon, which is part of masks Lac Sante cleansing facial for sensitive skin, matting the skin, eliminates the fat shine
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  • Spray with rhinitis and sinusitis

    High efficiency spray at a cold and sinusitis due to the properties of the components included in its composition. Spray at a cold and sinus is effective to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of the common cold, can prevent herpes. Use for the prevention of catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, especially during the flu and colds.
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