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  • Shampoo Ekolux Manna autumn

    Natural Manna Autumn Shampoo, has a light consistency, pleasant, non-intrusive aroma, pale red, with pink hints of color. The main active ingredients of Autumn Mann Shampoo are red clay, essential oils of lemon, lavender and chamomile. Red clay is one of the most effective clays for oily hair, it “works” well with oily and quickly dirty hair, stimulates blood circulation, cleanses the scalp, relieves irritation. Normalizes lipid metabolism and normalizes the sebaceous glands. Gives a pleasant feeling of lightness and freshness to hair.
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  • Shampoo Ekolux Summer LOVE with green clay

    Natural shampoo Summer LOVE, was the second product in this line, due to the presence of green clay, essential oils of lemon, tea tree, chamomile, it is recommended for use with dandruff, and for hair prone to greasy. Shampoo Summer LOVE heals the hair and scalp with dandruff, prevents the formation of dandruff, strengthens the hair, cleanses the scalp, normalizes the lipid balance of the skin.
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