Шампунь-бальзам Яка с маслом облепихи

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  • Shampoo-balm Yaka witch buckthorn oil

    Shampoo-balm Yaka witch buckthorn oil against hair breakage reduces the problem of split ends, makes hair well-groomed and healthy. composition introduced extracts from birch leaves and burdock root. They are rich in vitamins and amino acids. Components nourish and regenerate the tips of the hairs. Because of burdock oil reduces brittle hair, dry epidermis moisturized scalp, improves the structure. Regular use of this product allows you to give the head of hair well-groomed and healthy. Shampoo-balm Yaka witch buckthorn oil extensively washed hair and a long time allowing them to stay clean and fresh, so you can wash your hair less often than used to before.
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