Шампунь Яка с Алоэ Вера

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  • Shampoo Yaka with Aloe Vera

    Shampoo Yaka with Aloe Vera based juice of aloe vera, aloe vera extract, calamus root, periwinkle, white birch. Perfectly cleanses the scalp, strengthens the hair, does not dry. Regular use of this shampoo will give you a sense of well-groomed, cleanliness and health of the epidermis of the head and strands. In turn, the shampoo contains natural juice and extract of aloe vera, sweet flag root, periwinkle and white birch, which are carefully affect not only the scalp, but also on the scalp, saturating them useful trace elements and vitamins. Shampoo Yaka with Aloe Vera has healing properties, it helps to strengthen the hair, perfectly washes them and for a long time, leaving behind a feeling of cleanliness and freshness, without weighing and drying.
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