сыворотка Lac Sante

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  • Anti-aging serum Lac Sante

    Anti-aging serum Lac Sante After regular use of serum, the skin becomes smooth and elastic, mimic wrinkles disappear, the skin has a pleasant healthy color. Anti-aging serum Lac Sante is one of the best weapons in the fight for youth and impeccable appearance.
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  • Vitaminized night serum Lac Sante

    Vitaminized night serum Lac Sante helps to remove irritations and stress of the skin, restores water balance, saturates vitamins, acids, minerals, - all this makes Vitaminized Night Serum Lac Sante so effective! Vitaminized night serum for the face and neck is able to prepare the skin for the subsequent care - your favorite cream or lotion.
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