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  • Essential oil of pine

    Essential pine oil is obtained by distillation of conifer's feet with steam. Essential oil of pine is aromatic adaptogen, has a pleasant aroma of pine, pine forest. Essential oil of pine is a valuable natural product, which contains many useful properties for the body, has a strong tonic effect, volatile fragrances of pine essential oils are the active components.
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  • Lac Sante mask for intensive rejuvenation

    Mask for intensive rejuvenation Lac Sante skin requires a mature face, and all those who have noticed the first signs of aging of skin. Mask for intensive rejuvenating facial skin Lac Sante used after 25 years. The mask is not addictive and does not overload the skin. Mask for intensive skin rejuvenation facial Lac Sante - cell activator, rich bio-mineral complex dirt and spirulina extract, wheat germ oil acts on the deepest level, speeds up cell regeneration, stimulates the synthesis of collagen, nourishes with minerals
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  • Rejuvenation Cream 30+ Lac Sante

    Rejuvenation Cream 30+ Lac Sante has a light texture for skin care face and neck, does not contain parabens and mineral oils. The ingredients that make up the cream Rejuvenation 30+ Lac Sante have the following properties Sepilift - patented Biocomplex, which accelerates the production of collagen and prevents the appearance of wrinkles, protects elastin fibers, improves the density and elasticity of the skin.
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