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  • Cream Eye Wrinkle Lac Sante

    Cream under eyes from wrinkles Lac Sante has a light, pleasant to the touch texture, penetrates the skin quickly, gives a feeling of freshness and lightness. Aloe vera and hyaluronic acid make up the cream, deeply moisturize, reduce expression wrinkles. The extract of seaweed and salmon roe reinforce thinned skin and stimulate cell renewal. Vitamin E improves elasticity and skin, pigmentation and prevent cell damage by solar radiation.
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  • Cream under eyes of facial wrinkles Lac Sante

    Cream under eyes of facial wrinkles Lac Sante light, natural is quickly absorbed into the skin, eliminating the fatigue and tension around the eyes. Moisturizing Complex gives rested and fresh look. Aloe vera and hyaluronic acid reduces the manifestation of facial wrinkles, vitamin E improves elasticity and skin tone, prevent pigmentation. Oil green coffee eliminates the bruising and swelling under the eyes, protects the delicate skin from the sun's rays and premature aging.
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  • Tonic Sun based green walnut oil Ekolux

    Tonic Sun-based green walnut oil has the following effect - - Tonic Sun softens and nourishes the skin - Protects against UV rays - It has analgesic and regenerating properties for burns, skin irritations - Tonic Sun gives it a velvety texture, elasticity, soft and tan - Tonic Sun stimulates the growth of new skin tissue.
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