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With the arrival of sunny days, every mother thinks, how to protect your baby in nature. Red coat hanger, a bad mood, so that we can get, without thinking beforehand about safe exposure to the sun beloved baby. Ekolyuks TM offers you a natural body oil “Tonic Sun”, due to the presence in it of only natural ingredients, this oil is completely safe for your baby.

“Tonic Sun” perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin and protects the skin from UV radiation and makes the skin soft and velvety. “Tonic Sun” is easy to use, before the planned output of the sun, apply a skin with light massage movements, let soak. Couple minutes and the baby is ready. “Tonic Sun” provides a beautiful and even tan, take this oil with them on vacation, and you’ll have the most beautiful tan in the county!
After outdoor activities will be useful to take care of children’s delicate skin of your baby, and this will help the oil “The Moth”. Oil for children “The Moth” tenderly cares and protects baby’s skin from the negative effects of environmental factors (sun, wind), has a high wound-healing ability to be effective in allergic reactions, skin protects the baby from viruses, bacteria, staphylococci. Let your baby explore the world, and the oil for children “The Moth” will become your reliable support and helper!
All the good health and beautiful sunny days!

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