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Poltava bischofite gel – 40% aqueous concentrate Natural macro- and microelements (Mg, K, I, Br, Fe, Si, Se, Zn). Mined underground by dissolving the salt formation of the primitive seas at a depth of 2.5 km. It takes a special treatment to ensure maximum effectiveness. It nourishes minerals the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

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Gel Poltava bischofite – 40% aqueous concentrate of natural macro- and microelements (Mg, K, I, Br, Fe, Si, Se, Zn). Obtained by the underground dissolution of the salt layer of primitive seas from a depth of 2.5 km. Special processing is carried out to ensure the highest efficiency. It nourishes the skin and subcutaneous fat.

Features and properties of Bishofit in Ukraine is a deep deposit of Bishofit (more than 200 million years), therefore Poltava Bischofite is the most biologically active mineral. The healing properties of natural magnesium salt were discovered during the drilling of artesian wells, during the work it was noticed that the workers employed on the site miraculously recover from pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. In the process of scientific research, unique properties of the crystal were revealed. At the moment, Bishofit is actively used to treat the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, mental and nervous exhaustion, metabolic disorders and many other pathologies of the human body.

Gel Poltava bischofite is useful for heel spur, pain and swelling in the joints and muscles. Promotes the restoration of connective, bone and muscle tissue after all kinds of injuries. Softens calluses and corns. Relieves fatigue after physical work and sports.

Gel Bishofit Poltava enhances the phagocytic activity of neutrophils, reduces the activity of cyclooxygenase (the main enzyme of the metabolic reactions of arachidonic acid), prostaglandins, kinins and other inflammation agents. The gel strengthens the walls of the capillaries, stabilizes the lysosome membrane, suppresses the emission of microsomal enzymes, reduces the energy supply of the inflammatory focus, accelerates the regeneration of tissues.

The healing properties of Bischofite gel determine the basic substances present in the drug.

First and foremost, the therapeutic effect is caused by the action of magnesium, stimulating smooth muscle peristalsis, participating in the processes of bone formation, normalizing the activity of the nervous system, blood vessels and heart.

Magnesium also has sedative and anticonvulsant, antiischemic and antiarrhythmic, antithrombotic and analgesic, antispastic and hypotensive actions.
Getting on the skin, magnesium is quickly absorbed, thereby removing inflammation and improving the processes of natural salt yield. As a result of using the gel, the bones become firmer, muscle elasticity and tone increase, tissue regeneration is accelerated.

The therapeutic efficacy of Bischofite is also provided by other components:

Potassium normalizes the activity of the heart, neuromuscular system, blood vessels, controls bioelectric processes;
Iodine enhances the glandular activity of the respiratory system, with insufficient work of the thyroid gland reduces iodine deficiency, stimulates protein synthesis;
Bromine restores the balance of inhibition and activity in the brain;
Sodium is one of the main participants in inter- and intracellular processes, combined with chlorine and calcium, provides the electrolytic environment necessary for normal muscle contraction.

In addition to muscles and joints, Bischofite gel has a beneficial effect on the skin, provides a fortifying effect.

Active elements penetrate the skin, depending on the total amount of gel and the degree of hydration of the skin. Resorbed for 10 hours, with the use of occlusive dressings, resorption increases threefold.

Bischofit Poltava gel relieves pain syndrome in the postoperative period, with traumatic injuries, reduces inflammation in the wound area, is effectively used in the treatment of arthritis and arthrosis.

Manufacturer: PBF RAGS Ltd, Poltava
Ingredients: concentrated brine of natural bischofite of the Poltava field, allantoin, glycerin, guar gum tree, polysorbate-20, natural essential oils of fir, juniper, eucalyptus. Gustota1270-1300g / l
How to use: easy to grind until you feel the heat, wrap up warm for 10-20 minutes, or warm ozocerite, warmer or salt. Then rub the skin with a damp cloth. After the procedure, do not load the joint or muscle for 40-60 minutes. Application Poltava bischofite gel enhances the effect of massage, magnetic and electrophoresis, many kinds of hardware procedures.
Contraindications: idiosyncrasy
Packaging: 100 ml pack manufacturer
Shelf life: 3 years
Certificate: TU 22524264-001-2000

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    Gel Poltava Bischofite – 40% aqueous concentrate of natural macro- and microelements. Nourishes the skin and subcutaneous tissue with minerals

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