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Artemizin-S is a safe plant complex based on wormwood for the treatment and prevention of adults and children from helminths and protozoal infections.


Artemizin-S is a safe plant complex based on wormwood for the treatment and prevention of adults and children from helminths and protozoal infections.

Structure 1 tablet of a complex (mg) Artemizin-S :

Component mg
Grass wormwood 60
Wormwood extract 20
Tansy (flowers) 80
Carnation (flowers) thirty
Clove essential oil (CO2-extract) 0.5
Thyme herb 50
Knotweed (extract) 15
Peppermint (leaves) 50
Senna thirty
  Hypericum (extract) ten

The main components of Artemizin-S :

  • Wormwood – a unique plant, has long been used in traditional medicine as an effective remedy for worms. Wormwood contains organic acids, tannins, phytoncides, essential oils, etc. The active substance of the essential oil of wormwood – thujone – paralyzes the nervous system of worms, immobilizes them and removes them from the body naturally. Wormwood works wonders, ridding the body of not only the most common pinworms, but also of trichomonads, feline lamblia, proteus, chlamydia, toxoplasma, etc.
  • Tansy – effectively works against roundworms. The extract of this plant helps to improve the work of the intestines, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Cloves, thyme – will help remove pain, have anti-parasitic properties.
  • Mint, St. John’s wort – help cleanse the body of the parasites’ life products, have a mild analgesic and mild laxative effect.

Indications for use Artemizin-S :

  • treatment of enterobiosis, trichinosis, ascariasis, opisthorchiasis, cestidosis;
  • infestation tapeworms;
  • giardiasis;
  • in the complex treatment of dermatological problems such as furunculosis;
  • with toxic liver damage;
  • with violations of the gastrointestinal tract, gastritis, peptic ulcer.

Remarkable results of the drug showed as a prevention against worms, as well as with such symptoms:

  • abdominal distention, chronic gas formation in the intestines;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome, irritability, sleep disorders;
  • neurosis in children;
  • defecation disorders.

Manufacturer: TOV “ArtLife”

Composition Artemizin-S ArtLife

Plant extras
Clove 30 mg
Hypericum 10 mg
Mint 50 mg
Tansy 80 mg
Senna Herb 30 mg
Knotweed 15 mg
Thyme 50 mg
Wormwood extract 80 mg

Mode of application   Artemizin-S :

The complex is used as an antihelminthic course 7-10 days. After a 14 day break, the course can be repeated. For prophylactic purposes, the drug is consumed 2 times a year – in spring and autumn.


Age Dosage
up to 3 years ½ capsule 2 times a day *
from 3 to 7 years 1 capsule 2 times a day *
from 7 to 12 years 1 capsule 3 times a day *
from 12 to 14 years 2 capsules 2 times a day *
from 14+ 2 capsules 3 times a day *
* Take the drug according to the instructions along with the meal!

Contraindications Artemizin-S:

  • It is not recommended to drink the drug with tea or coffee.
  • Do not use this tool during pregnancy and lactation.

Package: 90 tablets

Shelf life: 24 months

Store in a dry, cool, out of reach of children.

Certificate: Quality and Safety Management System ISO9001, ISO 22000, GMP


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Best before

24 months


90 tablets


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