Cream-balm Vasilisa for Face skin

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Cream-balsam Vasilisa Ekolux -For face skin care, age 18+. Nutrition and hydration.
The cream is made by hand, has a 100% natural composition.

Cream-balm “Vasilisa” is recommended for skin nourishment and care of mature skin face in adverse weather conditions (autumn, winter, spring), for replacement therapy after

dermatological diseases (demodicosis, acne vulgaris, urticaria, early dryness of the skin). Cream-balm “Vasilisa” can be used for sensitive baby skin.


Cream-balsam Vasilisa Ekolux -For face skin care, age 18+. Nutrition and hydration.
The cream is made by hand, has a 100% natural composition.

For the care of the skin in the autumn, winter, spring, summer will be useful and effective hand-made balm cream “Vasilisa”, made from natural ingredients.
After all, year-round skin of the face is exposed to negative environmental factors (temperature changes, wind, dry air, heating, air conditioning). Cream-balm Vasilisa Ekoluyuks protects against temperature changes, wind, frost and other environmental factors that have a negative impact on the skin, is highly active in the fight against aging skin associated with lifestyle. Cream “Vasilisa” is suitable for owners of all skin types, especially effective for mature and sensitive skin.

It perfectly moisturizes the epidermis at all levels, promotes the regeneration process, regenerates the skin, enhances its protective functions. Intensively nourishes and restores the regulatory functions of cell membranes and metabolic processes in skin cells, including activates lipid metabolism, which is very important for both dry and oily skin of the face.

The use of balm is an effective prevention of wrinkles. It can be used as an additional tool in the healing of wounds and cracks. Strengthens capillaries, removes toxins from the body. It is hypoallergenic.
The result of applying Vasilisa Eco-Balm Cream-Balm – your skin is well-groomed and fresh, nourished and moisturized!
Composition. Beeswax, oils – poppy, green walnut, coconut, castor, peony petals, olive, grape, wheat germ; extracts – yarrow, mountain ash, hawthorn; rose essential oil.
Beeswax – contains about 300 different substances: esters, organic acids, minerals, vitamins, etc. Clinically proven powerful anti-inflammatory properties of beeswax, has a cleansing and rejuvenating effect, is an excellent conductor of biologically useful substances in the layers of the epidermis. That is why it is used by us as a basis for balsam creams.
Maca oil is the most valuable oil and has been widely used since ancient times in cosmetic products of the East, as a remedy to wilting of the skin. One of the best oils to nourish the skin. Poppy oil not only nourishes and nourishes the skin, but also protects it, makes it softer, improves skin elasticity, moisturizes it, and prevents drying. Poppy oil does not tend to dry completely, so that the skin becomes velvety, while not having oily shine. Maca oil is excellent for the prevention of early aging of the skin, effectively fights the appearance of mimic wrinkles, makes the skin supple and soft.
Green walnut oil – nourishes the skin with vitamins and trace elements. Green walnut oil is rich in vitamin C and E, polysaturated and organic acids. Promotes skin regeneration, heals the epithelium, has a bactericidal effect.
Coconut oil – moisturizes, softens and tones the skin of the face. It smoothes wrinkles and protects the skin from negative environmental factors.
Castor oil – softens and nourishes the skin, especially good for sensitive and dry skin, reduces flaking of the skin, eliminates excessive dryness of the skin, has a rejuvenating effect – eliminates wrinkles.
Peony petals oil is a very rare and valuable oil that returns skin elasticity and gives a fresh and healthy look. Perfectly moisturizes the skin, restores the functions of the epidermis, has anti-stress properties.
Olive oil – contains such essential vitamins as E and A. Olive oil, the leading ingredient in the production of cosmetics, prolongs the youth of the skin, moisturizes, makes the skin more elastic, smooth and delicate. Good for sensitive skin, fading dry skin. Cream-balm Vasilisa Ekoluyuks promotes the production of its own collagen, accelerates the process of cell regeneration, has a rejuvenating property. Olive oil helps preserve moisture in the skin cells, while not clogging the pores.
Grape oil is an ideal oil for skin care. The oil is rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, PP. Effectively fights against the loss of moisture, elasticity and elasticity of the skin, lethargy, the formation of wrinkles and other processes associated with fading of the skin. It makes the skin hydrated and smooth. Copes with dryness and peeling of the skin.
Wheat germ oil – has a pronounced antioxidant property, is rich in vitamin E. Stimulates cell regeneration, slows down the aging process of the skin, has a rejuvenating property, moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the face.
Yarrow extract – effective with increased greasiness and oily skin, cleanses and tightens the pores, relieves inflammation, invigorates and tones the skin. Cream-balm Vasilisa Ekoluyuks has anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, bactericidal action, effectively helps with skin inflammation.
Hawthorn extract – has a tonic, refreshing, antioxidant

Manufacturer: TM Ekolyuks, Ukraine
Ingredients: beeswax, poppy oil, green walnut, palm, coconut, castor oil, olive oil, yarrow, rowan
How to use: Apply after washing on a slightly damp skin a small amount of cream and spread evenly
Contraindications: idiosyncrasy
Packing: 30 ml
Shelf life: 12 months
Certificate: c-d conclusion from 23.12.2009 №05.03.02-04 \ 83,448

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  1. Fitomir

    In the morning, I used Vasilisa for the first time … with my combination skin I was pleasantly surprised that everything was absorbed with a rather oily texture !!!
    A very pleasant feeling of freshness and vitality on the face !!! eyes do not pinch !!! Such a pleasant feeling !!! I want to use non-stop !!!

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