Simple rules, or why we have an obesity

Recently I met an old friend, pretty “pokruglevshego” he furiously complained to me that gaining weight. Already “almost nothing” does not eat, and all the scales and creeps crawling up. But earlier, almost as recently as fifteen years ago, he could afford a day to eat a kilogram of candy and nothing … But there are no miracles, fifteen years ago, he was far from being a way of life and had far less metabolism. Just gradually entered into his life habits and preferences, formed a certain lifestyle, and that’s something in the way of life contributes to the emergence of excess weight. And it often is not in power, namely, the way of life. At home we can exemplary eat porridge and vegetables, and the bite of fast food.

So it turns out: and clever and beautiful, and I move a lot and eat porridge, I drink only water, but jeans are not nalazit. Try to understand what exactly is addiction spoil the shape and add extra weight.
1. Failure to breakfast. The main enemy of the person taking care of yourself. In the morning, in order to run the intestine, it is necessary to drink a glass of water, and to start the metabolism need to eat. Believe me, this may be accustomed. Easy and healthy breakfast in the morning did not stop any more healthy and beautiful body.
2. Sedentary lifestyle – the scourge of modern man. Movement is life. Most of his time is spent in the office on a chair or in the car. And while total employment, really hard to make time for exercise. Follow the two simple rules – abstain from the elevator, walk at the weekend no less than 5 kilometers. The result did not take long.
3. Lack of sleep. Yes, oddly enough, if you sleep less than 8 hours, not getting enough sleep, there is a risk to get better. This is due to the fact that lack of sleep stimulates the production of the hormone increases appetite. It is proved in research, with a decrease in total sleep for an hour, the amount of fat increases significantly!
4. Power. In this section, we are not talking about nutrition and about the power rule. Food intake should be, not on the run and in any case, products labeled “diet”. It is not difficult to make time for a relaxing meal. This is a very important process, during which time, be able to avoid overeating and the brain receives a signal about saturation, and you do not eat too much. In no case can not eat in front of TV. The reason – to shift its focus from eating, we overeat. Another enemy of the rules of food – snacks. Snacks are not an apple or a carrot and nuts, popcorn and fast fudom that cause irreparable harm to the body.
5. Alcohol. The problem in this case is not that the spirits are very high in calories, and the stronger, and the caloric content. A problem is that even small doses of alcohol in the fat burning takes up 12 hours promotes dehydration. So, if you enter the “dry law” does not work, you have to think, what to drink, and that at this time there, and how to compensate for all the body the next day!
So, it would seem nothing complicated, discipline and control, adherence to simple rules, these are the components of health and beauty. And, in order to get a good result it is necessary to work hard. Slim, a great complexion, good mood, here are a few simple rules to comply with the fruit.

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