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  • After Shave Lotion WOOD, Agor, 46 ml

    Aftershave lotion WOOD, Agor is designed for final care after shaving. Its formula simultaneously moisturizes and soothes irritated skin, leaving it soft, smooth and supple.
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  • Aftershave lotion FRESCO, Agor, 46 ml

    FRESCO Agor aftershave lotion is intended for final care after the shaving procedure. Its formula simultaneously moisturizes and soothes irritated skin, giving it softness and smoothness. Phytosterols and oils restore the protective lipid layer, and medicinal plant extracts eliminate inflammatory processes and heal damage.
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  • Discovery strength

    Discovery strength - a multi-component complex, aimed at maintaining the health, fitness, exercise tolerance in men, and the prevention of infectious diseases, somatic (caused by external influence or breach of the inner workings of the organs and systems) and age-related. Systemic administration "Discovery strength" of the complex provides the body with male main substance for normal functioning of the body as a whole, has a tonic effect, it helps regulate the balance of male sex hormones.
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  • Formula men

    Formula men - the Phyto developed for the prevention and timely solutions to the specific issues of men's health: prevention of structural and functional izmeneniygi tissues of the prostate, the prevention of stagnation in the urogenital system, the elimination of hormonal imbalance, disorders of spermatogenesis.
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  • Lacsante beard oil NATURE POWER 30 ml

    Lacsante beard oil NATURE POWER 30 ml treats coarse mustache and beard hair, facilitating care and stimulating growth. More manageable, shinier and softer hair, making it easier to shape your look and daily rituals.
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  • Natural Deodorant Spray for Man

    Natural Deodorant Spray "for Men" specially designed for gentle and careful, safe body skin care, anti-odor sweat. Natural Deodorant Spray "Men" and has a light masculine scent of sandalwood. Natural Deodorant Spray "Men" is recommended for protection against odor of sweat throughout the day. The ingredients that make up a deodorant contribute to a thorough body care.
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  • Natural Toothpaste with green walnut oil

    Toothpaste preventive oil green walnut TM Ekolyuks - natural, highly effective means for careful oral hygiene - prevents its formation, provides a delicate brushing surface without damaging the enamel. The main active ingredient of toothpaste
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  • Tribestanin extract (anchor extract), Novofit, 30 ml

    Tribistanin extract (anchor extract), Novofit has a normalizing effect on the function of the endocrine glands, increases the secretory activity of the pancreas. Improves the prostate gland by normalizing and improving blood circulation. Saturates cells with oxygen. Improves the condition of the body during prolonged mental or physical stress.
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  • Vins Beard Oil Lavender with Sage 30 ml

    Are you the owner of luxurious facial hair? Then a wonderful addition to your arsenal of cosmetics will be the beard and facial skin care oil "Lavender + Sage" from the Vins brand
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