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  • Serum for face ProBiokosmetiks (mature and sensitive skin)

    Serum for face ProBiocosmetics with a light and delicate texture, significantly tightens skin and smooths its micro relief, improves elasticity, resulting in facial contour becomes clearer. Serum for face ProBiocosmetics smooths wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new, significantly tightens the skin. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin, neutralizes free radicals. It improves skin tone and improves skin regeneration, stimulates collagen synthesis
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  • Serum Yaka for face care with red caviar

    The use of Yaka serums for face care with red caviar both at home and in the salon procedures is always topical, regardless of the season. Serums, as a rule, contain a large number of active components and in a greater concentration. So, the serum of Yak for face care with red caviar did not become an exception on the composition of active ingredients, namely the extract of kelp, spirulina, marine collagen, red caviar hydrolyzate.
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  • Serum Yaka for the face with biogold

    Serum Yaka for the face with biogold is able to solve this problem. It smooths wrinkles and wrinkles and eliminates the effects of skin damage. Moreover, as part of the serum Yak for the face with biogold - mostly natural ingredients, such as currants, dogrose, carrot seeds and oak moss. This means that it itself has a positive effect on the skin, and with other means is perfectly combined, forcing them to "work" for you. Of course, the manufacturer recommends using it together with a night cream from the same series - this will help you to maximize the effect.
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  • Vitaminized night serum Lac Sante

    Vitaminized night serum Lac Sante helps to remove irritations and stress of the skin, restores water balance, saturates vitamins, acids, minerals, - all this makes Vitaminized Night Serum Lac Sante so effective! Vitaminized night serum for the face and neck is able to prepare the skin for the subsequent care - your favorite cream or lotion.
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  • Yaka shaving gel

    Yaka shaving gel is designed specifically for sensitive and prone to irritation. Thanks to its natural composition, the gel soothes and protects your skin. An active comfort system not only instantly relieves irritation, but also modernizes the skin's own protective functions. Shaving gel Yaka does not contain ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin and clog pores. Extremely soft formula provides a clean and smooth shave, reduces irritation and the possibility of cuts and scratches. Gel for shaving Yak contains a unique mixture of oils
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