• Lacsante Moisturizing Fluid with SPF 30 PA 30 ml

    Lacsante Moisturizing Fluid with SPF 30 PA 30 ml - Complex product for daily use in the daytime. Moisturizes and prevents moisture loss, improves barrier properties, stimulates natural regeneration processes, protects against the harmful effects of the external environment. Provides comprehensive UVA / UVB sun protection. Prevents hyperpigmentation
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  • Pinotel-ideal vitamin complex

    Protein - is the main building material of the human body. Timely intake of protein in sufficient quantity must be the athletes who lead active lifestyles, people who are dieting. Pinotel ideal - unique protein-vitamin complex, a protein in its composition is close to the ideal, easily absorbed by the body.
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  • Cream Jasmine anti-aging for the eyelids and lips

    Cream-balm "Jasmine" removes redness and puffiness under the eyes; smoothes wrinkles; Cream-balm "Jasmine" rejuvenates the thin sensitive skin. Cream-balm "Jasmine" stimulates tissue blood circulation, controls the age band with loss of elasticity, activates the lipid metabolism in the skin of the eyelids.
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