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  • A mixture of extracts from mastopathy, Novofit, 30 ml

    A mixture of extracts from mastopathy, Novofit is used as a main or additional remedy for all forms of mastopathy (fibrocystic, nodular, fibroadenoma, breast tumor). The collection for mastopathy includes vitamin and tonic herbs.
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  • Amaranth phytocylinders

    Amaranth phytocylinders   have a pronounced cytoprotective (especially with ulcerative inflammation of mucous membranes and skin), anti-inflammatory, wound healing, antifungal and oncoprotective effect, which is explained by the uniquely high content of squalene (8.464%) and alkaloids (by their content - in second place after celandine). Active substance:   Squalene. Amaranth phytocylinders   - This is a well-known source of squalene.
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  • Arnica extract, Novofit, 30 ml

    Arnica extract, Novofit has hemostatic properties for uterine fibroids, inflammatory processes, and dysfunctional disorders of the menstrual cycle. Thanks to flavonoids and cynarins, the extract has choleretic properties. It has an anti-toxic effect.
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  • Avikont-T

    Celandine is known for its healing properties since ancient times. Avikont-T - a product that combines the ancient knowledge and modern technologies. Avikont-T has been successfully used in gynecology, dermatology, urology.
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  • Broccoli extract, Novofit, 30 ml

    Broccoli extract, Novofit helps lower blood pressure. Supports the work of the heart and cardiovascular system. Prevents the development of neurodegenerative diseases, which are the basis of stroke and complications after craniocerebral injuries.
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  • Candles with pumpkin oil

    Candles with pumpkin oil are the No. 1 remedy for constipation and intestinal motility disorders. Thanks to the unique composition of the candle with pumpkin oil, quickly and efficiently and painlessly remove the waste products from the body. Candles with pumpkin oil contain a complex of biologically active substances of pumpkin seeds (carotenoids, tocopherols, phospholipids, phosphotides, flavonoids, vitamins B1, B2, C, P, PP, F, unsaturated, polyunsaturated
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  • Celandine extract phytocylinders

    Celandine extract phytocylinders Recommended for: - in the treatment of colorectal cancer; - with polyps of the rectum and bladder; - With chronic nonspecific bowel disease (colitis), accompanied by constipation. Effectively using them for prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia (adenoma),
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  • Discovery Charm ArtLife

    Discovery Charm ArtLife - the best vitamin and mineral complex for women, prolonging youth and preserving beauty. Vitamins Discovery Charm will provide the female body with important biologically active elements and natural enzymes. Biologically active elements prevent the development of hypoxia and osteoporosis, normalize metabolic processes, improve the functioning of the endocrine system.
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  • Extract of birch buds, Novofit, 30 ml

    Birch bud extract Novofit activates metabolism, release of body functions, strengthens the nervous system. Externally used for rubbing, compresses, baths for myositis, arthritis, sciatica, rheumatism, poorly healing wounds, ulcers, eczema, sores, bedsores, acne, rashes, etc. Birch is an excellent cosmetic.
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