Purification organism

Purification organism

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  • Anti-worm, Novofit, 30 ml

    Anti-worm, Novofit has a comprehensive effect on parasites. They will not only be affected by toxic substances included in the composition of plants, but also the surviving parasites will not be able to cling to the walls of the intestine and stay in it, so they will begin to come out during bowel movements.
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  • Artemizin-S

    Artemizin-S is a safe plant complex based on wormwood for the treatment and prevention of adults and children from helminths and protozoal infections.
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  • Collection of antialcoholic

    The main aspect is that the treatment can be carried out without the patient's "knowledge". Collection antialcoholic is a phytopreparation, which is recommended for therapy and rehabilitation of patients with alcoholism. The collection of antialcoholic helps to overcome addiction to alcohol dependence, removes cravings for alcoholic beverages, normalizes excretory function, metabolism, removes free radicals, radically cleanses the liver.
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  • Fitomaks beta

    Fitomaks beta powerful antioxidant 50 times superior properties of vitamin E and 1000-fold - the properties of blood plasma to remove toxins, toxins, free radicals. Fitomaks-beta inhibits the accumulation of cholesterol in the body, increases blood hemoglobin level in functional anemia. The main component Fitomaksa beta - extract obtained from seeds, stalks and peels of red grapes. Thanks to the unique advanced technologies to extract saved more than 80% of organic compounds.
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  • Fitosorbovit

    "Fitosorbovit" - is a natural complex which is used to a very mild and effective cleansing as the gastrointestinal tract or the body as a whole, as well as to restore functional activity of the digestive organs after malnutrition, stress, alcohol intoxication and other disorders. Components "Fitosorbovit" complex are of vegetable origin and are a source of dietary fiber.
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  • FITOTOX, Novofit, 30 ml

    FITOTOX, Novofit accelerates metabolism and normalizes metabolism, due to the activation of metabolic processes at the cellular level. Choline and B vitamins help synthesize amino acids in the body that control insulin levels, as well as the transport and metabolism of fatty acids in the liver.
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  • Ginger extract, Novofit, 30 ml

    Ginger extract, Novofit reduces pain caused by joint disease, is used for rheumatism, arthrosis and arthritis, swelling, sprains, muscle pain. Due to its chondroprotective effect, ginger extract helps to strengthen cartilage tissue.
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  • Kelp extract, Novofit, 30 ml

    Kelp extract, Novofit helps support the cardiovascular system. Normalizes the level of cholesterol and glucose. Normalizes blood pressure. Laminaria extract helps support the body in atherosclerosis, reducing the symptoms of the disease.
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  • Lemon extract, Novofit, 30 ml

    Lemon extract, Novofit helps to improve the work of the cardiovascular system. The drug contains organic potassium, which helps the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system and kidneys.
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