Important factors in the care of dry facial skin

Let’s start with the fact that the result of care for dry skin should be the status of normal skin prone to dryness. That is, the skin is normal, but you remember that dryness was once there.
From my practice and my colleagues, the main points of care for dry skin, without which nothing is important

1. Washing.
So imagine that you have a scratch on your hand, and you are trying to heal it. Super super cream. But twice a day, you rub the skin with sea salt. With effort. That is, you do not give the scratch a chance to calm down. And then, it doesn’t matter what cream you use. Because twice a day, you apply an aggressive substance to the wound. The skin does not have time to regenerate. No chance.
The situation is approximately the same when you use products with aggressive substances for washing. Twice a day, the skin is in a state of stress.
Approximately 60% of applications are very dry skin, I have no results – this is the use when washing aggressive substances.
Therefore, it is very important to use ingredients that are gentle on dry skin.
for dry skin, a three-phase wash is most suitable – hydrophilic oil, foam, tonic.

2. SPF protection.
Imagine such an example. Place a piece of natural fabric in the scorching sun. For several days. What will happen to her? It will become thin, tear easily and change color.
About the same thing happens with the skin.
Dry skin is already thin, and without SPF protection, it becomes even thinner and more vulnerable. Hence new wrinkles and deepening of existing ones
And tell me, in this case, what is the importance of a care cream if the skin is exposed to sunlight? True, none. The skin does not have time to regenerate.

80% of success in caring for dry facial skin is gentle washing and SPF protection. These are the two weakest points. If these two points are met, your skin is ready to cross the dry line. And in this case, both cream and serum are important, because the skin is able to absorb all the useful substances.


Tips from Fitomir for dry facial skin care


Hydrophilic Lacsante cleansing oil BASIC 100 ml

Rice foam for makeup removal and cleansing ORYZA for dry, sensitive and aged skin, Agor, 155 ml

Moisturizing tonic Lacsante BASIC 50 ml

spf protection

Lacsante moisturizing fluid with SPF 30 PA 30 ml

SUNO sunscreen for dry and normal skin with SPF 35 filter Agor 50 ml

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Dry facial skin – a few simple care rules

Dry facial skin – a few simple care rules. These rules are the result of scientific research and personal experience of more than 100 women with dry facial skin.
Let’s go.

1. Washing. Three-phase – hydrophilic oil, foam, tonic. All products must be gentle and carefully selected for the skin, do not injure the aggressive ingredients and do not overdry the skin. then the skin is ready for the second stage.

2. Moisturizing and nutrition. In the case of dry skin, it is serum and cream. These are not necessarily means for all the money in the world, but they are carefully selected.

3. SPF protection. If the skin of the face is dry, it is better to leave the house without clothes than without skin protection. Because the sun makes the skin even drier, and new wrinkles appear on it, and existing ones become deeper. Who needs it? To no one

4. Use of Omega 3. on a permanent basis or with short breaks. Firstly, it is useful for the body, and secondly, omega takes part in creating a protective layer of the skin. That is, it makes the skin more elastic.

5. Water. namely, drinking an adequate amount of water. If your body does not have enough water for life support, then guess where the moisture will be directed – yes, not to the skin.

These are 5 simple rules. But if you follow them, you will get elastic, moisturized skin.

Shine because you are worth it!

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Is washing a delicate or gentle matter?

In my opinion, washing and cleansing the skin is the main care procedure.

Ideally, the washing procedure should look like this
1. hydrophilic oil. cleans the deep layers of the skin.
2. foam. cleans the upper layer of the skin
3. tonic. conducts additional cleaning. tones the skin and balances ph.
It is after such washing that the skin of the face is ready to accept active substances, in the form of serums and creams.
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