Cream-balm “barrier” – Prevention and acute respiratory viral infections ODP hrypp

Cream-balm “barrier” – Nezamenymoe unyversalnoe funds for the Integrated Prevention and therapy of acute respiratory viral infections and acute respiratory disease.

Balsam Created Pchelino based wax aktyvnыmy deystvuyuschymy ynhredyentamy javljajutsja propolis, oil green hretskoho Walnut Alley, complex эfyrnыh oils of tea tree, and Elah alpyyskoy lavandы, as well as garlic, pine needles sosnы, ymbyr. Thanks to this composition balm okazыvaet potryasayuschee profylaktycheskoe Action with acute respiratory viral infections and acute respiratory disease in the period sezonnыh infections. Cream-balm “barrier” – This pryrodnыy antibiotics for naruzhnej of application, kotoryya povыshaet soprotyvlyaemost organism for sezonnыm ynfektsyonnыm and prostudnыm disease.

Cream-balm “barrier” Containing solely naturalnыe ynhredyentы, Thanks to kotorыm lehche’s organism cope with viruses and differently Rod vospalytelnыmy processes. Balm Cream “barrier” obladaet Bright vыrazhennыm antibacterial and antifungal properties, and okazыvaet protyvohryppoznoe antyvyrusnoe action.

Also cream-balm Can prymenyatsya at holovnыh pain, cramps vessels, hemorroe, treschynah Direct ulcers, fungal lesions stop inflammation trigeminal nerve Contusion, Stretch, herpetic vыsыpanyyah, debt is not healing wounds, bites of insects.

Cream-balm “barrier” – Method of application:

The situation at neblahopryyatnoy эpydemyolohycheskoy acute respiratory viral infections, acute respiratory disease before Exit IZ home puts on vnutrennyuyu part of the nose, repeat 5-6 times a day

First symptoms at ARI acute respiratory viral infections prayer Or wings of the nose, sheyu, temples, horchychnykov region, rasteret to termoэffekta, uteplyt, dannuyu procedure desirable to delati at night, sovmestyt with warm raspytyem of tea with honey Or malynoy

nasmorke at 3-4 times a day puts on vnutrennyuyu naruzhnuyu part and part of the nose, sinuses haymorovы and lobnыe.

In holovnыh pain cream nanosyat paltsы on hands and massage delati holovы, with easy nadavlyvanyem.

In hrybkovыh, kozhnыh defeat, bites, porezah puts on porazhennыy uchastok kozhy, repeat the procedure 3-4 times a day.

Benefits cream-balm “barrier”

vыsokaya Efficiency

naturalnыy composition

The cost byudzhetnaya

Using a эkonomnыy


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