Our little defense or a few words about dysbacteriosis.

About how important it is to maintain the harmony and health of the intestinal microflora now knows even those who are far from medicine, health and diet. Labels on packages in supermarkets with all sorts of “live” products call us immediately colonize the intestine beneficial microorganisms. And we obediently liters of drinking milk products that contain these or other useful culture, hoping to oust the “bad” flora. To understand whether we are doing well and in general whether we need this, let’s look at a few scientific facts.

1. Man is born sterile. “First” microflora he gets going through the birth mother’s ways. That is why it is necessary that the mother was healthy microflora. There is a procedure, rehabilitation of reproductive tract before delivery. Calibration is done by candles that contain bifidobacteria and lacto bacteria. presented candles “Bifonorm” candles “Laktonorm” in our store. Then follows the first breath, first touch and begins settling norma flora. It can be considered as an integral part of the host organism.
2. Factors of dysbiosis –

infectious diseases and metabolic diseases
chronic diseases of the digestive system
primary and secondary immune system disorders
inadequate drug therapy
age-related hormonal changes
is not it interesting list, if you never really does not hurt, you do not do the operation, and you do not take antibiotics. and the most terrible tablet in your arsenal “Citramon” and “Analgin”, the factor of contemporary life – poor diet and stress us go hand in hand.
Adverse effect on the normal intestinal microflora have – nitrates, nitrites, various dyes, fatty oils, some hormones. Secret no no, in what products, from the fact that we eat every day contain these substances in varying degrees. Nobody says that after eating sausage, fresh cucumber spring or drinking a soda with you immediately happen dysbiosis. But a more serious problem, after such trials, our little behind defenders will no longer be as vehemently fight on the field of battle your health.
Another very interesting fact, with age in humans qualitative and quantitative composition of intestinal microflora is reduced. Therefore the conclusion is – prevention of dysbiosis and regular intake of probiotics are required. We are not talking about that every day for a few months, you have taken such a powder, spend your time on the preparation of infusions and decoctions, ferments. Transfused something from one vessel to another, sieved. Science has long been far stepped forward. All that is required of you – this is the morning and evening to take the capsule and carefully store the packaging of capsules in the refrigerator. For prevention is enough to undergo 1 to 2 times a year. When you have there a dysbacteriosis after antibiotic therapy, surgical interventions to act quickly and without delay. In such cases, it will have to spend time. But that does not make for the sake of a loved one …
Our store offers a wide range of probiotics
On the basis of bifidobacteria – “Bifonorm-plus” and “Bifidobak”
Bifidobacteria produce acetic and lactic acid in the body, inhibit proliferation of pathogens, stimulate peristalsis, prevent constipation, diarrhea. Bifidobacteria increase the immunity of the body, decomposed carcinogens are involved in the synthesis of the body of B vitamins and vitamin C. Bifidobacteria stimulate the lymphoid system of a person involved in immunoglobulin synthesis.
On the basis of lactic acid bacteria – “Laktonorm-plus”
Lactobacilli from the group of lactic acid bacteria. Lactobacillus convert carbohydrates into lactic acid. In humans, lactobacilli are constantly present in the intestines and in the vagina, which are symbionts. Lactobacilli provide timely bowel oprozhnenie, protect us from allergic reactions and constipation. Lactobacilli act on the fat (lipid) metabolism of the organism, by decreasing the cholesterol content in the blood, normalization of lipoproteins and phospholipids. In simple words, contribute to weight loss during a diet therapy and maintain the results after the diet therapy.
On the basis of lactobacillus acidophilus – “Atsidobak”
Lactobacillus acidophilus maintain an optimal composition of the internal environment necessary for the survival of the representatives of the natural intestinal flora. Lactobacillus acidophilus are involved in digestion, promote the correct formation of feces and provide timely bowel movements, preventing the delay of a chair. Lactobacillus acidophilus form the basis of a healthy digestive tract, supports the human immune system and stimulates the process of cleansing the body, stimulates the production of its own interferon.
And the mix of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli – “Probinorm”
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