Is washing a delicate or gentle matter?

In my opinion, washing and cleansing the skin is the main care procedure.

Ideally, the washing procedure should look like this
1. hydrophilic oil. cleans the deep layers of the skin.
2. foam. cleans the upper layer of the skin
3. tonic. conducts additional cleaning. tones the skin and balances ph.
It is after such washing that the skin of the face is ready to accept active substances, in the form of serums and creams.

We often receive requests – very dry facial skin, sensitive skin. I cannot achieve a lasting result. Even the most expensive and best creams bring only a temporary effect or no effect at all.
And in 90% of such cases, we detect or the absence of a washing procedure as such. Or the use of aggressive means. such as soap, tonic with alcohol content.

And yes, of course, all detergents must be perfectly selected. according to skin type.
That is, the result of a properly performed washing procedure is well-groomed, radiant skin. because she gratefully accepted and absorbed all the useful substances from the serum and cream with maximum effect.

Please note that even varnish is applied to wood after preparatory work. only after that it lies flat and shines.

No cream, even the best, will make your skin glow if the skin is not prepared beforehand.

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Shine, because you are the best!