Review of FLUID moisturizing SPF 30

Meet the owner of my heart FLUID moisturizing SPF 30, from the Ukrainian brand of natural cosmetics Lac Sante.

The texture is light, of medium density. It definitely has the lightest texture of all the SPF creams I’ve had, and there were quite a few. Easily absorbed, feels light on the skin. Make-up is applied perfectly – it does not float.

MOISTURIZING FLUID SPF 30 The aroma is light, naturally herbal.

Whom. All over 25 years old, all skin types.

The composition is natural.

SPF protection 30. Ideal for residents of cities and megacities. Reliably protects the skin of the face.

Ultraviolet protection Uvinul Easy filter made in Germany, completely safe for facial skin. This filter is allowed in the production of children’s cosmetics.

Due to the natural components of FLUID, moisturizing SPF 30 does not irritate the skin, is suitable for daily use, softens and moisturizes the skin of the face.

In my opinion, this is the pearl of pearls of natural ingredients with SPF protection. quality-price ratio, 10 out of 10.

Shine because you are worth it.

Buy if anything