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  • A mixture of extracts from mastopathy, Novofit, 30 ml

    A mixture of extracts from mastopathy, Novofit is used as a main or additional remedy for all forms of mastopathy (fibrocystic, nodular, fibroadenoma, breast tumor). The collection for mastopathy includes vitamin and tonic herbs.
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  • Alfalfa extract, Novofit, 30 ml

    Lucerne extract, Novofit are used for hormonal disorders, as well as to facilitate the course of the climacteric period. The drug has a positive effect on the circulatory system as a whole because it contains iron and a large amount of vitamin K (which affects blood clotting).
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  • Anti-worm, Novofit, 30 ml

    Anti-worm, Novofit has a comprehensive effect on parasites. They will not only be affected by toxic substances included in the composition of plants, but also the surviving parasites will not be able to cling to the walls of the intestine and stay in it, so they will begin to come out during bowel movements.
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  • Arnica extract, Novofit, 30 ml

    Arnica extract, Novofit has hemostatic properties for uterine fibroids, inflammatory processes, and dysfunctional disorders of the menstrual cycle. Thanks to flavonoids and cynarins, the extract has choleretic properties. It has an anti-toxic effect.
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  • Artichoke extract, Novofit, 30 ml

    Artichoke extract, Novofit are used for the treatment and prevention of gall bladder diseases, urolithiasis, hepatitis and atherosclerosis. Artichoke is very useful for the digestive tract and normalizing the acidity of gastric juice. It prevents atherosclerosis, is useful for the liver and biliary trac
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  • Bilberry extract, Novofit, 30 ml

    Blueberry extract, Novophyt Properties. Blueberry fruits contain glycoside myrtilin, sugars, organic acids, tannins, carotene, vitamins C and B, iron, copper, manganese, zinc. They regulate the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, stimulate metabolism and have an astringent, firming, diuretic, analgesic
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  • Black Cumin extract, Novofit, 30 ml

    Black cumin extract, Novofit are used to improve and normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract, and due to the improvement of the condition of the intestines, the condition of the skin improves, and immunity increases.
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  • Broccoli extract, Novofit, 30 ml

    Broccoli extract, Novofit helps lower blood pressure. Supports the work of the heart and cardiovascular system. Prevents the development of neurodegenerative diseases, which are the basis of stroke and complications after craniocerebral injuries.
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  • Chistotila extract, Novofit, 30 ml

    Chistotila extract, Novofit is recommended in a diluted form for irrigation, washing and wet dressings for purulent inflammatory processes (acne rash, for the removal of warts, papillomas, for the treatment of wounds that do not heal for a long time, eczema, ulcers, scrofula, ringworm, psoriasis, pustular skin lesions, skin tuberculosis, scalp seborrhea and staphylococcal skin lesions)
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