Эликсир «Фито-прополис»

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  • Elixir “Fito-propolis”

    The main active substance Elixir "Fito-propolis" is an extract-concentrate of propolis. In dentistry, propolis is effectively used in the treatment of fungi, various aft, ulcers, erosions and other lesions that occur on the oral mucosa. When studying the properties of propolis tests showed that propolis reduces the amount of enzymes that help bacteria "stick" to the surface of the tooth, by 70%. It is recommended to use Elixir "Fito-propolis": - with tooth decay, - with gum diseases (gingivitis), - with inflammation in the oral cavity: stomatitis, periodontitis, abscesses, - Elixir "Phyto-propolis" with wounds of the mucous membrane of the mouth and tongue,
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