Фітоціліндри з плодів шипшини

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  • Phytocylinders from rosehips

    Phytocylinders from rosehips is recommended for the prevention of diseases of the lower intestines; for the care of the mucous membrane of the anorectal zone and genitals. Rosehip also serves to relieve inflammation, is a good diuretic and choleretic agent, improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract. The big plus is that with all this there is no negative impact on the kidney tissue. Vitamin C contained in wild rose has a positive effect on most of the body's redox reactions. Another advantage of it is the ability to inhibit deposits in the blood vessels of atheromatous masses, and also due to briar the amount of cholesterol in the blood decreases and the spread of atherosclerosis is halted. Phytocylinders from rosehips Recommended for: - hemorrhoids, anal fissures; - arthritis, rheumatism (inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system); - in the postoperative period on the rectum.
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