Gel for washing Green Visa

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  • Gel for washing Green Visa

    Gel for washing Green Visa - thanks to beneficial microorganisms, they cleanse the space around a person from pathogenic bacteria, organic dirt, foreign smells in an absolutely natural way. The gel is suitable for washing (manual and automatic) of all types of fabrics. Packing is designed for 25 cycles. For washing all kinds of natural and artificial fabrics. For colored and white linen, performs hygienic cleaning of tissue fibers with a probiotic. For manual and machine washing. Recommended for washing baby clothes! Completely rinsed. Does not contain bleach. Has a wide range of applications: washing, is effective for removing stains of organic origin, for cleaning textile products (carpets, furniture, car interior). Eliminates unpleasant odors and prevents their appearance. Ecologically safe! Does not contain phosphate, non-flammable, non-volatile, biodegradable.
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