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  • Natural soap Vins eucalyptus 80 g

    Natural soap Vins eucalyptus 80 g is a high-quality cleansing of the whole body with a delicate aroma of winter, cozy aroma of eucalyptus. With such a beauty product, any bathing procedure can turn into a real pleasure. The essential oil of Vins Soap Eucalyptus is a strong antiseptic, it perfectly fights infections and inflammations
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  • Soap Vins author’s recipe 80 g

    Natural Vins Soap, the author's recipe of the Vins brand will be the perfect choice. The tool has strong antibacterial properties, thanks to which it instantly removes any dirt and bacteria from the surface of the body. The beauty product is enriched with essential oils of tea tree and cedar, which tone and protect the epidermis from the environment.
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  • Soap Vins lemongrass 80 g

    Take a shower in the morning with Vins Lemongrass Soap and your whole day will be positive and energetic! This beauty product, handcrafted from natural ingredients, has an invigorating fragrance that immediately uplifts your mood and inspires you for the whole day.
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