натуральная зубная паста

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  • Natural Toothpaste with an extract of oak leaves

    The pearl of our shop! Not once, we have not heard of this bad feedback! The most important advantages of this natural toothpaste with the extract of the leaves of oak EkoLux, is that it is exclusively natural and does not contain fluoride! And really effective, with bleeding gums! Also, this toothpaste is great for daily and preventive care. Toothpaste prophylactic with extract of oak leaves TM Ekolux is a natural, highly effective remedy for gentle oral hygiene - it absorbs plaque, prevents its formation, provides delicate cleaning of the tooth surface without damaging the enamel. The main active component of toothpaste is the extract of oak leaves.
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  • Natural toothpaste with an extract of pine

    Natural toothpaste with an extract of pine needles is designed for soft and gentle care of teeth and oral cavity, gently cleans plaque without damaging tooth enamel, prevents the formation of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity. Natural toothpaste with needles paw extract has a 100% natural composition, the pearl of which is needles paw extract and turpentine. Extract of pine needles and sap have a pronounced antiseptic and bactericidal and healing effect.
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  • Natural Toothpaste with extract calendula Ekolux

    Toothpaste preventive extract calendula flowers Ekolyuks TM - a natural, highly effective means for careful oral hygiene. The active system aerosil, kaolin, pectin apple absorbs plaque, prevents its formation, provides a delicate brushing surface without damaging emali.Osnovnoy active ingredient toothpaste - Extract of calendula flowers have strongly expressed antibacterial properties against many pathogens of oral diseases.
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