Очищающая подушечка Cleaning Pad e-cloth

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  • The cleaning pad Cleaning Pad e-cloth

    The cleaning pad Cleaning Pad e-cloth absorbs moisture as much as possible, ideal for cleaning in wet areas, such as the space around the sink, cleaning the bathroom and shower. Sectional design for ease of use, fold and rub. Cleaning pad Cleaning Pad e-cloth used in the wet state, is used to remove a thick layer of grease, dirt and bacteria on all types of hard surfaces. For shiny surfaces, after the application of a cleaning pad is recommended to use a polishing cloth and glass cleaner. One square centimeter of material wipes comprising microfibers 480,000. Remarkable ability to remove grease, dirt, bacteria, which is achieved by using the unique technology of using microfiber material that is far superior to traditional cleaners.
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