ревматоидные заболевания суставов

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  • Enzyme complex plus

    Enzymes or enzyme - a protein nature substances that regulate the rate of biochemical reactions in the body, providing for the metabolic processes. "Enzyme complex plus" - is a natural activator of physiological processes in the body. It contains all necessary for the life of the organism natural enzymes.
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  • Poltava bischofite gel

    Poltava bischofite gel - 40% aqueous concentrate Natural macro- and microelements (Mg, K, I, Br, Fe, Si, Se, Zn). Mined underground by dissolving the salt formation of the primitive seas at a depth of 2.5 km. It takes a special treatment to ensure maximum effectiveness. It nourishes minerals the skin and subcutaneous tissue.
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  • The essential oil of cinnamon

    Cinnamon essential oil is obtained by steam distillation from bark and leaves of the plant. The essential oil of cinnamon flavor tonic, aphrodisiac. Thin, spicy cinnamon fragrance lift your spirits! The aroma of childhood, my grandmother's biscuits. Aroma of good mood. The essential oil of cinnamon eliminates anxiety and depression, helps with melancholy and fears, reassure and charging vital energy.
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