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  • Aromadoktor – spray with essential oils

    "Aromadoktor" - a composition of essential oils of lavender, fir, orange and tea tree. Bright and rich aroma of lavender, pine needles with hints of tea tree will give you a pleasant aroma and a good mood. Floral preservative "Aromadoktor" is effective in acute respiratory disease, SARS, bronchitis. In diseases of ENT organs. Neurological disorders.
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  • The essential oil of valerian

    Valerian essential oil obtained by steam distillation of plant roots. The essential oil of valerian - the scent of relaxation. The essential oil of valerian for decades considered a valuable product, it is widely used in ancient times for many diseases, and since ancient times, thanks to modern technology and scientific research, the effect of this product is reinforced and expanded range of applications.
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