Lacsante Face Cream-Mousse LOVE YOUR AGE review

Lacsante Face Cream-Mousse LOVE YOUR AGE review- reduces and prevents the cosmetic manifestations of natural aging, hyperpigmentation, improves skin elasticity, tones, moisturizes and prevents moisture loss, stimulates cell regeneration. Use courses and / or alternate with less active base creams or fluids. This is information from the manufacturer.

now our observations.
Color, texture and smell. cream of pale yellow color, without a bright smell, medium density. Absorbs well.
To whom? 30+. Very economical. I tested for 2 weeks, I still have enough cream left. I think that a 30 ml package is enough for me for 4 weeks of use. And you don’t need more of it, the cream-mousse is very active, it must be applied in courses. alternate with less active creams.
in my opinion, cream mousse should be applied 3-4 times a year. I will at least do so. My skin is very sensitive to weather changes, cold, heat and sun. so for me this is an acceptable scheme.

So, 14 days of use. my observations. the skin has become more elastic, very well hydrated (with my dryness, this is a great result), turgor improvement is visible, there have been improvements with mimic wrinkles, they have become less deep. and what especially pleased me was the complexion, very fresh, I’m still monitoring the situation with pigmentation, there is a result, but not yet great. Obviously, the process is running and there will be improvements further.
Tested by Olya, 44 years old.
The cream copes with the stated tasks.
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