Omega, why is it vital?

In Soviet kindergartens, all children were given fish oil to drink. Few people liked this procedure, if you don’t believe me, ask your mother or grandmother. Not very palatable, fish oil is an excellent source of omega-3s and vitamin D, which are vital for adults and children.

Pediatricians of that time, without any doubt, injected fish oil into children, realizing that in the future this would save a person from a dozen chronic diseases.

Why is omega 3,6,9 so important? Because these are all components of cell membranes. Without them, the cell cannot exist. Trillions of cells in the body

The main source of omega-3 is sea fish. Wild sea fish that grew in its natural environment and fed on crustaceans and fry. That is, in farm fish – salmon, trout, no omegas.

Vegetable source of omega 3 and omega b, flax, chia, nuts, oils. The combination of animal and vegetable origin is important. This is how the body receives everything it needs and is in balance.

The biological role of omegas is an obstacle to the development of atherosclerosis, reduces the level of bad cholesterol, thins the blood, protects and vessels.

Omega 3 is very important for the skin because it takes part in creating a protective layer.

Where to get omega-3? Ideally from food. And if this is not possible, then from biologically active complexes.

How to choose the right option. Pay attention to the composition and dosage. The ratio of polyunsaturated fatty acids. or ask us. our recommendation will be at the end of the article.

A good omega cannot be cheap and cannot be worth all the money in the world. Be smart about it.

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