New – Herbal tea “Goji Berries”

In sale the herbal tea “Goji Berries” production of PP Naturalis, Zhitomir, Ukraine.
Tea Ingredients – Goji berries, chrysanthemum petals, lemon balm, ginger root, green tea. Phyto “Goji Berries” pleasant to the taste, and very easy to use, it should not be zaparivat, long brewing, and incredibly useful !!!!!!!! On the “good” Goji berries – berries are small, red, stored desiccated, for their application in the main crush and combine with different teas and herbs. These teas are obtained very tasty and healthy.
Grow Goji berries in China and Tibet. They possess a strong health-improving effect, a powerful antioxidant. They contain high amounts of amino acids, minerals, vitamins C, E and B complex, as well as many other useful substances. Especially effective goji berries for weight loss, they improve the body’s metabolism and improve circulation. Thus, by making a herbal tea in your diet “Goji Berries”, it can be a huge benefit to the body, and most importantly, without harm to lose weight.
With its unique mix of ingredients herbal tea “Goji Berries” You improve your health and cleanse the body, normalize the metabolism and hormones, improve vision, reduce weight, normalize blood pressure, intake of this tea helps reduce blood cholesterol, raise vitality!
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