Features skin care in the summer

According to cosmetologists, facial skin in the summer intensely polluted, due to the high content of dust and high humidity. That is why, it is necessary to pay special attention to cleansing skin. It is important to choose “light” means the care and cleansing to the skin did not have the effect of “stickiness.” Cosmetic tonics may be for you a great help in caring for the skin of the face and neck area during the summer. At least twice a day, clean the skin tonic.

Tonic, not only effectively cleans the skin, but also moisturizes. This is very important in the summer, when the skin of the face is exposed to dehydration. Beauticians are advised to always carry in your purse tonic and cotton sponges, and every two or three hours wipe your face, neck and décolleté.
In the summer better to abandon the use of creams with hyaluronic acid. For very dry air, like cosmetics begins to pull moisture from the skin, as a result you get more dry skin.
Do not wash in cold water! Just warm. Perspiring face, first wipe tonic, and only then proceed to water procedures.
Familiar to your cream in the summer is better to replace the gel, water base gels makes them an indispensable tool for skin care in the summer. Please note that the gel provides an effective moisturizing the skin, it is the extent which is necessary for you, do not let the skin breath. Due to the light texture of the gel is not sticky, does not leave behind a trace, it is absorbed quickly and completely, has a pleasant smell, not rolled on the skin, perfectly refreshes the skin. Summer is perfect day cream instead.
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