Bran – a healthy food for all

Bran – a byproduct of the production of flour, bran composed of unsorted grain shells and flour. Bran have unique properties in a variety of health problems. The main advantage of bran – high content of dietary fiber. Until recently considered waste bran flour production. But this opinion is not fair, and the incorrectness of this opinion proven scientifically and clinically.

Not long ago, the world has learned to appreciate and use bran in medical practice, in particular in dietetics. For the first time on the effective use of bran (oat) became known in 1980 from medical studies that prove the high efficiency of oat bran to lower blood cholesterol. Once the research has been widely distributed, oat bran received public recognition. Oat, wheat, rye bran have been actively used as one component of obesity treatment, and to combat high cholesterol in the blood, and have been officially recognized, the scientific community, a product that reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.
Follow these scientific studies have shown a preventive effect against oat bran diabetes by lowering the glycemic index – bran slow degradation of starch.
According to the research oat bran play a positive role in protecting against colon and rectal cancer, noting the beneficial effect of oat bran a job tract.
What is the mechanism of the bran?
getting into the mouth bran absorb saliva and enter the stomach. A tablespoon of bran, weighing 10-15 grams of liquid absorbed an average of 25 times its volume, creating a 375-gram lump. He fills the stomach, creating a saturation effect.
The intestines are exposed to the chemical action of the bran of gastric acid, pancreatic juice and bile. However, they are split into fatty acids levels of glucose and amino acids. Rough fiber slowly absorbed, and intestinal peristalsis intensified reduce the caloric content of foods eaten. It gives a slimming effect.
Bran reduce cholesterol in the blood due to the impact that they have on the intestinal tract – by binding bile acids.
The bran contains potassium and magnesium, minerals that are very important to complete the work of the cardiovascular system, the normalization of conditions in hypertension.
Bran is easy to use in the diet, taking them to bring you health and no additional hassle and high material costs.
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